President Donald Trump doesn’t know that absentee voting and mail-in voting are one and the same, but he referred to mail-in voting as fraud anyway so he can excuse his opposition to it.

Democrats have been calling for nationwide mail-in voting as the coronavirus pandemic continues to infect and kill Americans. Should the pandemic not come to an end or comes back in November, mail-in voting would be the safest way for Americans to exercise their civic duty with risking infection themselves or infecting others. Trump and the GOP, however, oppose mail-in voting because they know if every American is able to vote they are more likely to lose power.

And so, Trump trotted out his favored excuse to oppose mail-in voting, all while falsely claiming that absentee voting is not the same as mail-in.

Twitter users set Trump straight and mocked his ignorance.

It should be pointed out that the state of Utah has mail-in voting and it has been a Republican stronghold for years. Unless Trump is admitting that Utah is a cesspool of voter fraud, there’s is no reason why mail-in voting can’t be applied throughout the country.

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