The Northern Neck peninsula in rural Virginia hasn’t felt the full impact of coronavirus the way many other cities and towns across the United States have, but that doesn’t mean the people who live there aren’t worried about their own safety and well-being.

This area of Virginia is also heavily Republican and pro-Trump. But that’s changing quickly as once-loyal Trump fans suggest President Donald doesn’t seem to have a clue how to protect the country from COVID-19.

Several of the residents of this rural area spoke with Jeff Neumann of Insider, and what they had to say is very bad news for Trump as he seeks reelection in November:

“A few weeks ago I could ignore the parts of his personality I didn’t like,” Cliff, a 25-year Chesapeake Bay waterman, told me. “That’s over. I don’t believe anything he’s saying now.”

Matt, a third-generation oysterman was also blunt in his assessment of the president:

“He’s got no idea what the hell he’s doing, and I think he’s flat out lying to everyone about how bad it really is, and how bad it’s going to get.

“He thinks we’re all stupid and will show up for him no matter what. At this point, I can’t imagine bringing myself to do that.”

Recent polls show that many Trump voters have grown sour on the president, especially since his reaction to the death and destruction wrought by coronavirus sent the American economy reeling and left many wary of Trump’s rosy pronouncements at the daily Coronavirus Task Force press conferences.

Matt says the local economy is suffering mightily and Trump seems to have nothing but platitudes. What the nation needs, he notes, is a leader:

“We need a guy like Cuomo handling this for the whole country. It’s really bad up there, and he’s being honest with people.”

Featured Image Via NBC News