There’s good news and bad news according to the man most of America is looking at for reliable and factual information about the coronavirus crisis.

No, it didn’t come from Donald Trump, who has repeatedly called the pandemic a Democratic hoax and something fueled by the media to prevent his re-election in November as the list below demonstrates.

The information came from Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading immunologist, and doctor. Dr. Fauci has seemingly done his best to get the truth to the American people while trying to politely squelch his boss’s statements, that many find downright reckless and irresponsible.

And it turns out, he has good news and bad news concerning the future.

The good news is that the “curve” appears to be flattening as vital statistical indicators show. The bad news is that things won’t be returning to normal any time soon.

 “I would hope that by November we would have things under such control that we could have a real degree of normality.”

Fauci said this in an interview with MSNBC’s Brian Williams on his “11th Hour” program. Fauci did decline to comment on whether the November Presidential Election would be “normal” citing that those political events were not his area of expertise. More likely, Fauci probably did not want any part of the political discourse in this country, which has been divisive and sometimes outright severely fractured. Any sign that Fauci has any political favor towards any side would probably spark a new wave of conspiracy theories that would only complicate an already complicated climate.

On the subject of new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations going down, especially in New York, which has become an epicenter of attention in regards to the virus — Fauci seemed encouraged by the numbers. His views were echoed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who reported in his daily press briefing on Friday that following a record high on Wednesday, 22 fewer people died on Thursday at 777.

“The leveling off of the number of lives lost is [a] somewhat hopeful sign,” he said.

Cuomo continued his enthusiasm in Saturday’s press briefing, but warned that this was only part of the way through the game. He then went on to analogize that we are only at halftime (if it were a football game) or the 6th inning (if it were a baseball game). He said there were too many variables to predict whether the decline would continue.

Earlier in the week, the governor stated that it seemed as though measures taken to tackle COVID-19 were “flattening the curve so far,” but warned letting up would risk seeing figures worsen again.

On Friday, Cuomo said there was a “dramatic decline” in the three-day average of hospitalizations, although the change was not down relative to Thursday. ICU admissions were down “for the first time since we started this intense journey,” he said.

Check out Dr. Fauci avoiding getting into the political fray while getting valuable information to the American people below:

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