Fox News host Sean Hannity lost his sh*t over the weekend after the New York Times published a damning timeline of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response, only to be humiliatingly put in his place by journalist Maggie Haberman.

Co-written by several reporters, including Haberman, the article made it clear that Trump wasted valuable time and could have saved more lives. Instead, Trump’s recklessness has resulted in the deaths of over 23,000 Americans.

Of course, Hannity can’t handle facts, so he attacked Haberman and the New York Times.

Let’s just once again point out that Hannity is Trump’s top propagandist. If Trump told Hannity to get on his knees for him, he would do it without question and stand back up with Cheeto dust around his mouth.

Hannity is not a journalist and he doesn’t even have a college degree. He spouts conspiracy theories and lies, much as he did in these tweets.

But Haberman did take note of one accusation Hannity made and hit him square in the face with it.

She also wondered why he would single her out. Hint: It’s because Haberman is the only woman who contributed to the story.

Sean Hannity should no longer be allowed on the air in any form on any platform. He’s nothing but a right-wing propagandist who strokes Trump’s ego (among other things) and repeats his lies. Allowing him to continue misleading the public the way he does is irresponsible and dangerous. And it’s long past due for him to be taken down. I hear Gitmo is nice this time of year. Then he can finally undergo the waterboarding he claims isn’t torture.

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