President Donald Trump lashed out at Democratic governors in response to their resistance to his plan to re-open the country against the recommendations of health professionals, even going so far as to compare himself to the captain in the film “Mutiny On The Bounty”.

During an interview on Tuesday morning, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo slammed Trump for turning press conferences into a useless circus instead of doing more to help states battle the pandemic that has already killed more than 23,000 Americans and infected over half a million.

Governors in western states are also so opposed to Trump’s obsession with re-opening the country too early that they made a pact to do what’s best for their states regardless of what Trump does.

Of course, Trump threw a fit like a petty tyrant.

Here’s the problem with Trump referencing that particular film. First, the crew mutinied because their captain was a crazy tyrant. And two, the mutineers won.

Had he actually watched the film or read the book, he would know that, and the fact that he compared himself to the captain is pretty telling, not to mention scary.

Trump has already claimed that his authority as president is “total,” but he’s wrong. States get to decide when is the best time to relax coronavirus restrictions. The public health demands it and governors know what is best for states at times like these, especially when the president is out of his damned mind.

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