A group of lifelong Republicans have formally endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden in a scathing op-ed they wrote for The Washington Post, calling President Donald Trump an “international embarrassment” who has done great damage to the United States.

George Conway, Reed Galen, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, and Rick Wilson say the U.S. is facing its worst crisis in decades, and they say the 2020 election is the most important since 1864:

“This November, Americans will cast their most consequential votes since Abraham Lincoln’s reelection in 1864. We confront a constellation of crises: a public health emergency not seen in a century, an economic collapse set to rival the Great Depression, and a world where American leadership is absent and dangers rise in the vacuum.

“Today, the United States is beset with a president who was unprepared for the burden of the presidency and who has made plain his deficits in leadership, management, intelligence and morality.”

The five men, who founded the Lincoln Project, go on to argue that Biden is in many ways the polar opposite of Trump:

“Trump is a photonegative of Joe Biden. While Trump has innumerable flaws and a lifetime of blaming others for them, Biden has long admitted his imperfections and in doing so has further illustrated his inherent goodness and his willingness to do the work necessary to help put the United States back on a path of health and prosperity.”

But the final test, the group notes, is how Trump has utterly mishandled the coronavirus pandemic:

“We asked ourselves: How would a Biden presidency handle this crisis? Would he spend weeks lying about the risk? Would he look to cable news, the stock market and his ratings before taking the steps to make us safer? The answer is obvious: Biden will be the superior leader during the crisis of our generation.

“We’ve seen the damage three years of corruption and cultish amateurism can do. This country cannot afford to be torn apart for sport and profit for another term, as Trump will surely do. If Biden takes office next January, he won’t need on-the-job training.”

Featured Image Via NBC News