President Donald Trump said he expects Democrats to return to Washington, D.C. so the Senate can hold hearings and approve his nominations, even going to far as to suggest that he will “adjourn” Congress if they refuse.

Trump then rattled off the nominees and appointees he was referencing:

“The positions include the director of national intelligence, two members the federal reserve board of governors, the assistant secretary of the treasury for financial markets, and the undersecretary of agriculture responsible for administering food security programs.”

A few seconds later, the president said he had heard criticism that he doesn’t fill positions, adding:

“Well in some cases we don’t need positions and I’m all for that. In some places we do, but you can’t get them approved by the Democrats.”

And then there was the threat: To adjourn Congress even though he doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to do so:

“I will use my Constitutional authority to adjourn Congress.”

There is only one instance where a president is authorized to adjourn Congress: When the House and Senate disagree on the date of adjournment. Currently, however, Congress is in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. To bring back hundreds of lawmakers and place them in close quarters would almost certainly guarantee that dozens of members would wind up ill, which would then lead to yet another shutdown and quarantine.

Also, Trump neglected to mention that his party, the Republicans, are in control of the Senate, which confirms presidential appointments. If nominees aren’t being confirmed, Trump needs to take that up with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Once again, Donald Trump is making clear what his real goal is: To have absolute power and to do as he pleases, without oversight or having to answer to anyone. He longs to have absolute power. He wants to be a monarch, an emperor, a tyrant.

Adjourn Congress? Why doesn’t he just crown himself and get it over with?

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