President Donald Trump viciously attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday in a pair of tweets, one of which included him confusing Chinatown with China.

In the first tweet, Trump projected by calling Pelosi a “weak person” and a “poor leader.” He even had the gall to call her a “puppet.”

Then he tweeted out a video he claimed Pelosi deleted from Twitter and appeared to confuse Chinatown with China.

Chinatown is in San Francisco and other American cities. They would not have been closed because of Trump’s border action, an action that actually still allowed travel from China anyway.

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff took to Twitter to fact-check Trump’s claim.

And there you have it. Trump lied about Pelosi again in a pathetic attack that only proved that he’s a racist who thinks Chinatowns across the country are part of China.

The reality is that Trump is the one whose decisions or lack thereof has killed thousands of Americans. He ignored the coronavirus pandemic and repeatedly downplayed it. He failed to take necessary actions that could have prevented the spread much earlier and would have saved more lives. This is all on him, no matter how desperate he is to pin his failures on anything or anyone else.

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