Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) makes no secret of the fact that he thinks President Donald Trump is a modern-day political savior, and he regularly uses his tweets to lavish praise on Trump, proving that the congressman is also a shameless sycophant who cannot pass up an opportunity to suck up to the current head of state.

But a tweet Gatez sent out Friday evening took Gatez’s fawning to a new and disgusting level when he inadvertently referred to Trump as “President God.” Take a look:

Putting aside the God reference for a moment, Gaetz managed to get his math all wrong, as HuffPost notes:

“While it is factually accurate to say the U.S. ‘has tested more than anyone in the world by far’ (3.5 million, as of Saturday morning), the country is actually lagging in around 40th position worldwide when it comes to per capita testing (around 10,800 per 1 million of the population).”

Testing one percent of your population is not exactly something to celebrate. And that’s exactly what others on Twitter pointed out to Gaetz, who, you may recall, made light of COVID-19 by wearing a gas mask on the floor of the House in the early days of the pandemic:

Featured Image Via Twitter