Apparently, President Donald Trump thinks we should all be congratulating and thanking him that so far there have been “only” 37,000 Americans deaths as result of coronavirus, as if that’s some sort of accomplishment and merits a ticker-tape parade.

At the daily Coronavirus Task Force press conference Friday, Trump couldn’t resist taking a victory lap, telling reporters:

“When you look at the possible deaths at 2.2 million people – and it could have very well been that, it could have been more. Frankly I’ve been looking at numbers where it could have been higher than that. 2.2 million people dying. If you figure we lost 500,000, maybe 600,000 in the Civil War, 2.2 million people, a minimum if we did nothing would have been 1.6, if you cut that in half, you’re talking about 800,000 [to] 900,000 – a million people dying.”

As if that wasn’t disgusting enough, the president then projected that when all is said and done, 60-65,00 Americans will have died from COVID-19. And again, he tried to make it sound like that was a point of pride:

“But we did a lot of work, and the people of this country were incredible, I have to say, I think we’re heading to the other category, that would be if we did work, and if it was successful they had between 100,000 and 220,000 to 240,000 on the upside, and I think we’ll be substantially, hopefully below the ‘100’ number, and I think right now we’re headed probably around ’60,’ maybe 65,000.”

We’re all supposed to be celebrating that fewer than 100,000 people have died? Even if the number was merely 100, that would be far too many, especially when you consider that this country is supposedly the richest and most technologically advanced in the world.

It didn’t take long before social media lit up with scorn for the tone-deaf president:

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