President Donald Trump’s conservative allies are making it very clear that if he hopes to reelection, the next month will be a make or break moment for him, Politico reports.

More specifically, those who support Trump are urging him to restart the U.S. economy ASAP or else run the risk of losing badly in November. Then again, doing so could also be politically risky for the White House:

“A swift economic restart, however, could backfire politically for Trump if it causes a flare up. Public health experts caution that the country currently lacks the robust testing capacity needed to relax social-distancing guidelines, and cases in many states have yet to peak.”

Some in the GOP are pointing to polling numbers they believe support their push for a full return to normalcy in which everyone goes back to work:

“Conservative groups have noticed a change in polling in recent weeks when they ask respondents if they want to go back to work, even if they know the outbreak could continue to cause infections or deaths, and if they would be willing to wear protective gear, such as masks and gloves, in order to reopen the country.”

But if the virus again starts to spread and thousands more Americans die, that could lead to a national lockdown of several months, potentially lasting until the election. And that could be devastating not only for Trump’s hopes of reelection, but the GOP, too:

“It’s a high-wire act for the president. If the economy begins to recover with minimal additional infections, the president will take credit. But if infections spread or a second shut down is needed, he could be blamed. As a result, at least one person who speaks to Trump has urged him to not consider politics when it comes to lifting economic restrictions.”

Recent polls show that the majority of voters are not pleased with how Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic so far.

A Gallup poll released just this week recorded a 15-point net decrease in the president’s overall job approval rating, and a six-point slide in just a week’s time, the largest drop since Trump was elected.

Featured Image Via CNN