President Donald Trump’s place in history is secure, but he’s not going to like it because he’ll be portrayed as the wannabe tyrant that he is, and presidential historian Michael Beschloss made that pretty clear on Sunday.

Trump has been seizing more power every chance he gets, even going so far as to defy congressional subpoenas and claim that the president can do anything.

He has forced the Justice Department to be his own personal legal team. He fires anyone who conducts actual oversight. And he retaliates against anyone who is loyal to the American people and the Constitution instead of solely to him.

Throughout this coronavirus pandemic, Trump has been even more drunk on power, using it as cover to strip basic rights from people and suspend laws and regulations he doesn’t like.

Even Trump’s daily press briefings demonstrate how power-hungry he is because Beschloss noted that not even Franklin D. Roosevelt had time to address the nation every day during World War II because he used his time dealing with the problems our country faced instead of spreading propaganda and whining.

Beschloss also noted that Trump has seized the power to decide who lives and dies during this pandemic.

“In that sense, he has a lot of power that presidents oftentimes do not have,” he said. “To say he has total authority, you are absolutely right under the Constitution, as you well know, the Constitution makes it very clear that we’ve got other branches of government and governors and local officials who are there to check the power of the president. That having been said, we’re seeing things now that we have not seen before.”

Indeed, one of those things being complete control over how trillions of dollars of stimulus cash is spent.

“He is going to have a lot of influence over those trillions of dollars you have been talking about tonight, how that’s spent,” Beschloss said. “That’s something you don’t see with normal presidents. The other thing is this is someone who loves power, loves to expand his power, is always talking about it. Remember last year he gave a speech saying, ‘Article II gives me all sorts of power but I don’t even talk about that,’ as if it’s almost a mystery that we should be worried about?”

Here’s the video via Daily Motion:

Trump has too much power and he could abuse it to the point of canceling the election and refusing to leave office. Or worse. And the only way history will remember Trump favorably is if he is able to write it himself.

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