President Donald Trump insisted on Twitter Wednesday morning that seniors will be safe to go out when states re-open for business. As usual, it’s a complete lie, and not without a little pity party for himself.

Some Republican governors are poised to re-open their states early despite the major risk of triggering a second deadly wave of the coronavirus. The virus has already killed over 45,000 Americans and has infected over 800,000. Both numbers are still climbing, yet many of the first businesses these governors are looking to re-open include gyms, salons, bowling alleys, tattoo parlors, and other shops that could facilitate the spread of the virus.

Seniors are especially vulnerable to the virus, yet Trump is trying to coax them to go out by insisting that it’s safe and that he cares about them.

First, let’s point out that Trump made sure to add a little whine about not getting special care himself.

It’s incredibly narcissistic.

But if he truly loved seniors, he wouldn’t be trying to send them off to their deaths, which didn’t go over well at all with Twitter users.

Now is not the time to re-open the country no matter how desperate Trump and his allies are to do so. This virus is aggressive and easily spreads. Social distancing policies are working to flatten the curve, but they need more time to finish the job. All that work will be for nothing if Republicans go through with re-opening their states, and a worse calamity will take place as more infection and mortality rates skyrocket and the economy takes further hits.

If you want to stay alive, stay inside, and ignore Trump and Republicans.

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