President Donald Trump’s about-face against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to re-open businesses in his state drew a rebuke from The Wall Street Journal this week, resulting in Trump throwing a temper tantrum.

Trump had no problem with Kemp’s decision in the days leading up to the re-opening, and even has repeatedly demanded that the country re-open earlier than health experts recommend.

But during a press conference, Trump shockingly threw Kemp under the bus by voicing disagreement with his plan.

“I want him to do what he thinks is right, but I disagree with him on what he’s doing,” Trump said. “I think spas and beauty salons and tattoo parlors and barbershops in phase one—we’re going to have phase two very soon—is just too soon. I think it’s too soon.”

Trump’s betrayal of Kemp revealed that re-opening too soon is definitely not the right call. But it had the effect the causing both Democrats and Republicans in Georgia to criticize Kemp.

The Wall Street Journal, a conservative publication, called out Trump for being totally inconsistent at a time of crisis, which sows confusion.

“Consistency has never been Donald Trump’s strong suit, but during a national calamity it would be terrific if the President would decide what he wants without shifting from day to day. We suspect Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp would agree,” the WSJ began. “Mr. Kemp made a good case. Georgia has not seen a devastating outbreak of Covid-19. As of Friday the state has had 22,147 known cases, with 892 deaths related to the virus—a per capita rate far below that of such hard-hit areas as Louisiana, Michigan and New York. Georgia’s hospital system has not been overwhelmed. The number of documented cases appears to be diminishing, with the number of tests concomitantly increasing.”

It should be pointed out that 892 people dying is devastating, and it’s sad to hear that the WSJ is so quick to minimize the tragedy. The fact is that re-opening too early could bring about a deadly second wave of the virus that could be even worse. Caution is absolutely a must right now when it comes to a deadly virus for which there is no vaccine and few tests.

“[Trump] might have called the Governor and urged him to alter his order in some way, or he might have heeded his own counsel and let the Governor find the best policy for Georgians,”the paper continued. “Instead he blathered about how he ‘wasn’t happy’ with Brian Kemp—as if presidential happiness is the relevant policy criterion. Gov. Kemp is now, thanks to his ally in the White House, getting it from both political directions.”

Of course, Trump apparently noticed the sharp rebuke and attacked the publication while claiming that he was unhappy with Kemp all along.

The problem is that Trump himself has been pushing for states to re-open to the point of enlisting his crazy supporters to organize armed protests in order to intimidate governors to bow down to his demand.

Whatever happened on Tuesday, it’s clear that Trump doesn’t have a clue what to do, and that puts us all in grave danger.

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