White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has already lied so much about President Donald Trump that it’s truly embarrassing. And she posted yet another whopper on Twitter Friday.

Not longer after concluded a press briefing by running away from reporters without taking any questions, McEnany proclaimed that Trump’s transparency and accessibility are “unprecedented” because he has held a briefing for 48 days since the end of February.

The Problem is that a press secretary has not held an actual press briefing for over a year and Trump himself rarely held one prior to this current crisis.

Also, lies do not count as transparency, and Trump has been hiding his tax returns and refuses to hand over subpoenaed documents to Congress.

Twitter users called out McEnany for telling such an obvious falsehood.

If Trump were really transparent, he would tell the truth to the American people, starting with admitting that he recklessly responded to this pandemic and that’s why over 50,000 Americans are dead.

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