Newly appointed White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany whines about the media just as much as her new boss, and she even launched a petty attack against The Washington Post to demonstrate it.

Journalists don’t have to feature quotes by officials in specific places within an article. That’s covered by freedom of the press. In fact, they don’t have to quote administration officials at all. And the fact that McEnany is a known liar means she should feel lucky that anything she has said is reprinted at all.

Yet, she whined on Sunday about WaPo quoting her 22 paragraphs down in a recent story and falsely accused the outlet of publishing “false headlines” that are negative against Trump and his reckless coronavirus response.

Of course, none of the headlines that Newsbusters, a right-wing rag, listed can be found by Google search. And some are not worded the way they claim.

It appears McEnany is citing fake news to accuse WaPo of being “fake news.”

And Trump retweeted her post during his manic Sunday meltdown in which he demanded that all Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters return their “Noble” Prizes.

The way McEnany acts already makes her a disgraceful and embarrassing press secretary. Citing a source like Newsbusters is pathetic. And so is expecting news outlets to portray Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic positively. 55,000 American deaths over two months is not positive. Trump had weeks to prepare our country. Lives could have been saved. But he spent his time downplaying the virus as a “hoax” and playing golf.

If this is how McEnany is going to behave, she might as well save taxpayers time and money by resigning now.

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