Diamond & Silk, a pair of grifters favored by President Donald Trump, were fired by Fox News on Monday for peddling dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus. And most Americans celebrated the news.

Fox News has been under fire throughout the coronavirus crisis for spreading Trump’s reckless propaganda and downplaying the threat the virus posed to Americans. In fact, their decision to not take the virus seriously has resulted in a lawsuit being slapped against them.

The network previously fired Trish Regan for spouting coronavirus conspiracies and has scrambled in recent weeks to pretend they have taken it seriously this whole time.

But on Monday, the network fired Diamond & Silk for also spreading misinformation.

According to The Daily Beast:

Diamond & Silk have used their heavy social-media presence to be at the forefront of right-wing misinformation about the COVID-19 outbreak. For instance, during their March 30 livestream, the duo claimed that the number of American coronavirus deaths has been inflated to make Trump look bad.” Diamond proclaimed “Where are the bodies?” and speculated the virus could be being “deliberately spread.” Silk has also suggested the virus could be a bioweapon manufactured by the “deep state.”

Of course, while Diamond & Silk are no longer on the Fox airwaves poisoning the public with their brand of Trump bullsh*t, other hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson continue to spread misinformation themselves on their own shows.

Americans were not crushed by their firing, and marked the occasion with deserved mockery.

And now we wait for the Trump temper tantrum.

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