President Donald Trump has completely taken over the Republican Party, and even former Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) knows that it’s because his former colleagues raised the white flag surrendering any principles they had left.

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed just how bad at governing Republicans are and that they lack compassion for the American people.

A political party that once stood for something now stands for the very worst of humanity as Americans suffer. And despite sinking poll numbers, Republicans are sticking with Trump anyway and refuse to stand up to him, preferring to kiss his a** instead and let America burn.

During an interview with The Washington Post, Flake took aim at his party for betraying conservative principles to support a monster.

“It was painful to watch the rally in Arizona: the president onstage with virtually all of my Republican colleagues from Arizona — the governor on down, some of whom had been reluctant previously to be on a campaign stage with the president,” he said. “But who have just completely and utterly thrown in. Total capitulation of the party to Trumpism.”

“I don’t know anyone who thinks that this is the future of the party,” Flake said. “This is a demographic cul-de-sac we’re in, if nothing else. Anger and resentment only go so far; you have to have a governing philosophy. I don’t know of any of my colleagues who really believe this is it.”

The problem is that their support of Trump will follow them around for the rest of their lives. It will hang around their neck in every election. The GOP will not be able to escape the stink of Trumpism for generations of voters because everyone will remember just how bad the country was and how spineless Republicans were when they had chance after chance to make the nightmare stop.

This reality is already unfolding as Americans flock to the polls to vote against Trump and the GOP at any cost. Make no mistake, Republicans will come to regret supporting Trump, but Americans should never forgive them for or forget their complicity.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons