Brian Williams is a pretty good news anchor. The former NBC Nightly News anchorman turned current MSNBC night time anchorman may not have had a perfect career, but one thing is for sure — he can deliver a story. He can deliver the facts in a way that isn’t a cure for insomnia and in fact engage the viewers with his quick wit and great pop culture references sprinkled in his delivery.

One other thing he can do is get under Donald Trump’s skin, apparently.

Last night, Williams opened his MSNBC program with a story about how Trump is melting down over low poll numbers and other things after being bogged down with the coronavirus crisis, much of which many see as his own making. The report said that Trump is threatening to sue his own campaign manager for reporting such bad numbers to him.

Williams also reported how Trump is still claiming that this whole pandemic will “just go away.” Furthermore, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is pushing a narrative that everything they have done has been a “great success.” This, as the death toll has crossed the 60,000 person threshold — Less and less people daily are buying such narratives.

The rest of Williams’s report was a damning fact-check on the misinformation that Trump has put forward to the American people just in the past few days.

After the story, Trump literally melted down publicly, lashing out at Williams and others — essentially confirming the MSNBC report.

Trump has tried to put up a public face that everything is great and he is doing a wonderful job. That his election is inevitable and the Democrats don’t have a chance. The report that Brian Williams offered showed that behind the scenes Trump is furious after being told by his own campaign handlers that his own polling (from the campaign and RNC) is showing his numbers to be falling, both nationally and in key swing states.

The reason his numbers are falling may be because he has run into a situation he can’t mock, bully, or tweet away. Everything he said in January, February, and March is on tape. His pontifications that the media and the Dems were overhyping things and that he had everything under control are easily displayed and have already become fodder for some very effective campaign ads. The virus has no political affiliation, and his allies attempting to make this into a “Democratic problem” have failed. His attempts to look like he knows more than any scientist or medical professional have been embarrassing at best, and tragically fatal in reality. Not only has it left blood on his hands but has exposed his “games” and tactics as nothing more than the hype a cheap suited salesman uses when trying to unload that lemon of a car on an unsuspecting and overly trusting customer.

So, when Williams very professionally and about as objectively as anyone can be in today’s media exposed Trump’s failure and meltdown, Trump did what Trump does instinctively — go on the attack.

His attack was in two tweets … below is the first …

The typical Trump playbook — give silly nicknames that no one uses except Trump. Expand the conspiracy and act like all these people are working together (they aren’t), and insult people in ways that make himself feel “smart.”

The other tweet forced Trump to go back to the one mistake Williams made in his career. A time when Williams embellished a story and made himself out to be more “on the scene” than it turned out that he was.

Brian Williams paid for his sins. It cost him his prime time network anchor job and his credibility was put in doubt. But Williams accepted his exile, apologized for his mistake, and since then, has been as credible as any person on any news network. He has rebuilt his reputation and his career the right way — with hard work and dedication to his craft that is second to none.

Trump, on the other hand, continues to lie, bully, and hype himself with impunity. Now, that the two have directly butted-heads, it is clear who is telling the truth and who is melting down because he can’t handle the truth.

No amount of Trump’s tactics, now being largely ignored by an American populace who is on to his game, will change that.

You can check out the report in full below:


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