President Donald Trump had the gall to criticize Sweden for not responding to the coronavirus pandemic quickly enough, resulting in a barrage of replies calling him out for hypocrisy.

Unlike neighboring nations, Sweden waited too long to initiate social distancing and lockdowns, and that’s why the death toll there is much higher than it could have been had the government acted sooner. However, the way Sweden has responded since has been praise-worthy.

But Trump took aim at Sweden on Twitter, clearly jealous that Sweden is getting credited for doing a good job now while he is not.

The problem for Trump is that he ignored the virus for months and downplayed it. And even after the virus began spreading like wildfire here, he still acted too late and none of his actions are consistent with what health experts recommend to flatten the curve. He has failed to get vital supplies to hospitals, he attacked governors, defunded the World Health Organization, and intends to re-open the country early even though it could trigger a second wave of the virus.

It’s a parade of bad decisions that have resulted in a death toll over 61,000, more than the number of Americans killed in the entire Vietnam War, and 58,000 more deaths than in Sweden.

Americans jumped down Trump’s throat over this clear hypocrisy.

Compared to Trump, Sweden is doing a much better job. At least the Swedish government realizes they made a mistake and have been working to make things right ever since. The same cannot be said of Trump at all.

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