President Donald Trump’s right-wing goons continued their temper tantrum outside the state capitol in Michigan on Thursday, complete with a sign calling for hanging Governor Gretchen Whitmer and accusing her of being a tyrant over the coronavirus lockdown.

Thousands of people have died in the state so far, but Trump’s little band of terrorists can’t handle staying at home anymore so they are showing up armed to rallies demanding the end of social distancing policies and for the economy to re-open for business despite the inherent danger of triggering a deadly second wave of the virus.

The threat of violence from the angry group of Trump supporters continues to rise every day, and that culminated in a sign calling for Whitmer to be hanged, according to a photograph snapped by Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger.

It’s a threat that should be investigated by the FBI and state police. There’s no good reason why anyone should threaten a public official for doing what’s necessary to protect the public health. Lives are at stake here and 61,000 Americans have already died. Yet these gun-toting morons are mad because they can’t get a haircut.

Of course, Trump only fanned the flames by urging them to “liberate” Democratic states when he should have been telling them to stay home and help flatten the curve so we can end these lockdowns earlier. Because of these protests, the virus is just going to spread further and keep the economy shut down longer.

Whitmer is trying to save lives in Michigan, not impede freedom. We are in the middle of a pandemic that has not peaked yet, and she should call up the national guard and have these terrorists arrested before they get more people killed because they listen to Trump instead of science.

Featured Image: Twitter