CNN host Jake Tapper took President Donald Trump to the woodshed and used his own words against him Friday on Twitter, accusing Trump of being a hypocrite for trying to blame the Chinese government for creating the novel coronavirus even though just a few weeks ago the president was praising China for its efforts to combat the disease.

The dust-up between Trump and Tapper began when the president accused NBC News and CNN of being “Chinese puppets” in a tweet he posted:

As HuffPost notes, Tapper wasted no time reminding Trump of his own laudatory remarks when it came to China:

“Tapper then took ‘a little trip’ through what Trump had said about the Chinese government during the earlier stages of the outbreak, when the president repeatedly downplayed the risk of the virus and reportedly failed to act on multiple warnings about how it could spread worldwide.

“Trump has since taken a sterner tone with China, however, in an effort to divert attention away from his own administration’s failures in tackling the crisis.”

What followed was a series of tweets that rubbed Trump’s nose in his past remarks:

Game, set, and match, Jake Tapper.

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