Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House Coronoavirus Task Force, made it clear Sunday that she thinks the anti-lockdown protests taking place in states such as Michigan are incredibly reckless and could wind up leading to more deaths from the disease.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Birx was asked about the protests by host Chris Wallace, who inquired:

“Big crowds of protesters that went into the Michigan state capitol without masks. I’m not asking you about the First Amendment right to protest that of course they have, but from a public health standpoint, is that safe?”

Birx replied:

“It’s devastatingly worrisome to me personally because if they go home and they infect their grandmother or grandfather who has a comorbid condition and they have a serious or very unfortunate outcome they will feel guilty for the rest of their lives. So we need to protect each other at the same time as we’re voicing our discontent.”

Wallace also asked Birx if she agreed with Dr. Anthony Fauci that states such as Georgia may be reopening too soon and therefore risk sparking the further spread of COVID-19. Birx said she does indeed agree with Dr. Fauci, noting:

“We’ve made it clear that the guidelines are based on very strong evidence and data, and that is the way Dr. Fauci is also driven. We want to make sure that every individual, every employer, and every person knows how to keep themselves safe in this situation.”

Does Birx think the worst of the virus is behind us? Not necessarily, she told Wallace:

“Every single metro area and every single outbreak across the country is different.”

President Donald Trump has praised the anti-lockdown protesters — many of whom showed up heavily armed — calling them “very good people” and urging Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) to negotiate with them.

Featured Image Via Fox News