President Donald Trump claimed that he gets very little sleep, but somehow had time to go on a Twitter rampage on Saturday in which he attacked MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace and declared himself better than Abraham Lincoln.

Overall, Trump tweeted over 30 times on Saturday instead of taking naps to get the sleep he claims to not have “much time” for, all as the coronavirus continues to kills thousands of Americans and the infection rate rises because red states are re-opening for business.

Seriously, Trump can’t claim to have no time to sleep when he spends all day throwing tantrums on Twitter.

But that’s what he did, including a claim that he’s been a better president for black people than Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves, ever was.

Trump then called Nicolle Wallace a “dog” in yet another outrageous attack on a woman.

Trump even took time to celebrate that brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is still alive.

And that’s just a few of the many tweets Trump sent out. If he really needed sleep, he should not have wasted time on social media. In fact, he really should not have time for Twitter anyway because he should be focusing on the pandemic.

After all, over 67,000 Americans have died and the death toll is only going to rise as red states risk a second wave of the virus. This is what Trump should be focusing on, yet he’s piddling around on Twitter like a reckless twit attacking the former Bush staffer and conservative Nicolle Wallace — instead of doing his job to keep Americans safe.

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