President Donald Trump went full messiah complex on Twitter Sunday with a bizarre tweet about the coronavirus in which he praised his response to the pandemic as if it were a biblical effort.

Over 68,000 Americans are dead and the death toll continues to rise, but Trump is already pretending that he is victorious over the pandemic. And so, he posted a tweet referring to the virus as a “plague” and claimed that America is “greater” than ever.

It sounds like Trump is trying his hand at making his presidency look like something out of the Bible. The problem is that he’s not a hero. He’s closer, in some people’s view, to the villain than anything resembling a messiah.

After all, Trump’s reckless response to the virus is the reason why over 1.1 million Americans have been infected and why so many people are dead and dying. In fact, his demand to re-open states earlier than health officials recommend is why thousands of new cases are being reported. And frankly, there’s no way to know when and how our country will fully recover from this tragedy because Trump has systematically razed it to the ground with his own incompetence.

Twitter users were quick to mock him for daring to fancy himself a biblical sage.

Trump is once again trying to rewrite the narrative so it appears that he did a good job responding to the pandemic. Don’t fall for it. He’s not the messiah.


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