President Donald Trump has barred members of the Coronavirus Task Force from testifying in the House of Representatives, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is not amused.

Trump made the decision but is letting Dr. Anthony Fauci testify in the GOP-controlled Senate, where he likely won’t be asked questions Trump doesn’t want him to answer, whereas those questions would be asked by House Democrats.

This clear act of obstruction and lack of transparency did not sit well with Pelosi, who condemned it on Sunday evening during an interview with CNN.

“This new White House memo … says, among other things, for the month of May, no task force members or key deputies of task force members may accept hearing invitations from the House of Representatives,” CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer began. “Now, the new chief of staff at the White House may make some exceptions to this, we’re told, but the administration says this is so the task force can focus in on responding to the crisis. What is your response to this?”

“I was hoping they would spend more time on the crisis than the daily shows that the president puts on,” Pelosi quipped. “But we need to allocate resources for that. And to do that, a new appropriations bill must be prepared in the House, and we must have the information to act upon.”

“To say we are too busy to come to the capitol is business as usual, but it won’t be helpful,” Pelosi continued. “We must insist on the truth. They said we are not going to the House, but Dr. Fauci can go to the Senate. I guess Mr. Meadows, until a week or so ago being a member of the House of Representatives, knows that we will be very strictly insisting on the truth, and they might be afraid of truth.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

There is no “might be” here. Trump is most certainly afraid of the truth and his health officials, particularly Fauci, have strived to give the American people the truth, even when it’s a hard truth.

But Pelosi is absolutely right about needing testimony to properly craft an appropriations bill to deal with the fight against the virus. Hiding this information from Congress is reckless and will prevent our nation from getting through this pandemic. Nearly 70,000 Americans have already died and the death toll is only going to get higher. Clearly, Trump has no problem with that, and his decision to prevent task force members from testifying in the House demonstrates that perfectly.

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