Bethany Mandel is a conservative writer and commentator who writes for The Federalist and is a frequent guest on Fox News. And she wants us all to know that she’s ready to end the coronavirus lockdown, even if it means killing your grandparents in the process.

On Wednesday, Mandel posted a tweet in which she bragged that she was willing to be a “grandma killer” if that’s what it takes to get the U.S. economy back on track after being largely shut down for more than a month. Apparently, Mandel thinks that nearly 75,000 dead Americans (many of them residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities) is simply the price we have to pay for progress:

Mandel’s hateful tweet quickly went viral, but reaction she got from others on social media made it clear that if she really wants to advocate killing the elderly just so her stock portfolio can produce a healthy return, then she clearly needs to reexamine her priorities:

Featured Image Via Fox News Screenshot