White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany fell flat on her face and ran away after a reporter confronted her about her claim that President Donald Trump won’t let the coronavirus come to American shores.

Back in February, McEnany appeared on Fox Business and made a very astounding claim as the coronavirus pandemic began to sweep the globe.

“We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here,” she said. “And isn’t it refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama?”

Yeah, that’s been biting her on the a** ever since she became press secretary.

And it directly came back to haunt her on Wednesday during yet another lie-filled press briefing after having promised that she would never lie back on her very first day just a few days ago.

“Before you joined the White House, you went on Fox and proclaimed the coronavirus would not come to the United States. Do you regret that?” a reporter asked her on Wednesday.

“I would turn the question back on the media, and ask similar questions,” McEnany responded in true chickensh*t fashion before whining about several publications.

McEnany then abruptly ended the press briefing without answering the question or apologizing for her remark and walked out.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Clearly, McEnany is not cut out for this job. She lies all the time and runs away when her own words are thrown in her face. That may be enough to make Trump happy, but it’s unbecoming behavior from a press secretary that should disgust the American people.

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