Perhaps Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale thinks Darth Vader and company were the good guys. Perhaps he forgot that Darth’s pet project, namely the “Death Star” was blown up and all his plans were thwarted.

Or perhaps Parscale and the Trump campaign just missed the total irony when dubbing their campaign the “Death Star.”

They could have called it the “Titanic” or the “Hindenberg” or “Napoleon” or “Custer” and the joke would be essentially the same.

Of course, when Parscale unveiled his “Death Star” to the nation and the world, many folks on the interwebs immediately pounced on the boneheaded branding.

Parscale tried to dismiss the obvious error in typical Trumpian fashion. He blamed someone else — the media, of course. That argument was immediately squashed as well.

Jokes and mockery aside, it is clear from Parscale’s “warning shot” that they don’t intend to play nice or fair. Dubbing the campaign “Death Star” sends a pretty clear message that they live in a world where Darth and the Sith are the good guys and the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi are akin to those “libtard” progressives.

Their plan is to annihilate anything that stands in “The Empire’s” way. Truth will not matter, facts will not matter. All that will matter to them is their victory and four more years of corruption, cronyism, and nepotism.

What they have in store for America in their campaign to wipe out the memory of Trump’s lies, his impeachment, his incompetence, and his unfitness for office is anyone’s guess. What they have made clear, however, is that whatever they “FIRE” at the American people probably won’t have much truth to it and they really don’t care. The only stated goal is to make the planet succumb to it’s will or be destroyed. Perhaps it won’t be obliterated like being hit with a giant death ray from space, but this administration has proven time and time again that they can destroy in a host of different ways.

They can destroy the planet by stripping back environmental regulations and other regulations that aim to slow and curb things like climate change. They can destroy people, especially if they are minorities or align with LGBTQ causes. They can destroy women’s rights. They can destroy people’s faith in institutions and people that have had their back for generations.

Yes, eventually the good guys won in the Star Wars saga. But before that happened, many worlds were destroyed, lives harmed or eliminated, and suffering was felt across the galaxy. Let us hope that this empire will not have the opportunity to “rape, pillage, and plunder” after November.