President Donald Trump enraged the nation on Thursday by crowing about former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie being let off the hook by the Supreme Court for committing an act of political revenge. But it wasn’t enough for Trump because he had to attack the Obama administration.

After a New Jersey mayor refused to endorse Christie for re-election in 2013, Christie ordered the George Washington Bridge closed in retribution, causing a major disruption of traffic. Some officials involved were convicted of fraud over the fiasco. But the Supreme Court overturned the conviction unanimously as if Christie did nothing wrong and that it’s perfectly okay to commit political retribution that does harm to communities.

Anyway, Trump took to Twitter to brag about the ruling, and went on to attack the Department of Justice under then-President Obama, referring to it as a “scam” and “evil” in a disgusting act of gloating.

This attack did not go down well at all, especially since Christie is the one who committed an evil act and the high court still found that there was corruption.

Do you know who else has not been exonerated? Donald Trump, because he’s still impeached for life. And the Supreme Court can’t overturn it.

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