For President Donald Trump, one of the worst parts of the coronavirus pandemic is that he’s been unable to hold any campaign rallies because there’s simply no way to practice social distancing and other public safety precautions when people are packed into a space like sardines.

But with less than six months left until voters go to the polls, the Trump 2020 campaign is considering the possibility of holding rallies at drive-in theaters across the United States, according to The Daily Beast:

“According to three people familiar with the preliminary discussions, Trump aides and operatives have spent weeks exploring alternatives to the standard Trump 2020 rally that could allow for social distancing while still allowing for a modest number of attendees. Much of the focus has been on sprawling outdoor venues, such as large fields. And one of the top ideas for this coronavirus-era workaround that is currently being floated would rely on repurposing drive-ins for a political gathering.”

It is envisioned that Trump supporters would come in their cars to a specified location and remain in them to hear the president address them from an outdoor stage.

Such a plan would allow Trump bathe in the adulation of his most ardent and devoted fans while also reducing the likelihood of spreading COVID-19, but it does have more than a few drawbacks, the most notable of which is that there simply aren’t many drive-in theaters left in the country:

“According to the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association’s recent data, there were 305 drive-in theaters in the United States, with 549 screens. Some of those theaters are in swing states—Pennsylvania has 45 and Ohio has 44, per the association’s numbers from late 2019—but they are not often centrally located.”

Also, how exactly would the Secret Service handle security at such a venue? What if some supporters began honking their horns and refused to quit? What about weather concerns?

While campaign aides haven’t yet presented the idea of drive-in rallies to Trump, it’s expected they will explain their plan to him early next week.

Featured Image Via Twitter