Just days after White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed that it’s “nonsensical” to test everyone in the United States for the coronavirus as states begin to re-open, Vice-President Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller tested positive.

Miller, the wife of Stephen Miller, tested positive while on a plane carrying Pence and several staffers. She and several others she may have been in contact with were forced to leave the aircraft.

At first, it was only known that a staffer had tested positive. And then President Donald Trump outed Miller during a White House lunch with House Republicans.

“She’s a wonderful young woman, Katie, she tested very good for a long period of time,” Trump said. “And then all of the sudden today she tested positive. She hasn’t come into contact with me. She’s spent some time with the vice president.”

But Trump also nonsensically declared that because Miller tested positive that tests “aren’t necessarily great.”

“This is why the whole concept of tests aren’t necessarily great,” he continued. “The tests are perfect, but something can happen between a test where it’s good and then something happens and all of the sudden. She was tested very recently and tested negative, and then today I guess for some reason she tested positive.”

Making matters worse is that Trump refuses to wear a mask and his own valet tested positive earlier this week. Stephen Miller is also one of his closest advisers, so he has clearly been exposed. Yet he still attended the lunch and even met with vulnerable World War II veterans outside the White House.

In addition to Miller, earlier this week saw Trump’s own personal valet test positive for the virus. That unnamed individual is reported to have much contact throughout the West Wing with other staffers and officials on top of his interactions with Trump himself.

And now we learn that the head of the FDA, Dr. Stephen Hahn, has gone into a 14-day self-quarantine after coming in contact with someone who has tested positive. Hahn is also a member of Trump’s task force committee that met as recently as Thursday.

This just in — Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant has tested positive.

This all happening in a place that Chief of Staff Mark Meadows called “probably the safest place that you can come.”

It appears that the world’s “safest place” is becoming one giant petri dish.

It’s just a further reminder that this pandemic is far from over and instead of re-opening the country, we need to continue social distancing and stay at home so as not to trigger a second wave. But it’s likely already too late. Maybe Trump and his inner circle will start to realize the pain and suffering most Americans have been going through as the virus invades the White House — Because Republicans never take anything seriously until it happens to them.

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