President Donald Trump threw another childish temper tantrum during a press conference on Monday in the Rose Garden, only to storm out as some would say “like a coward” because he couldn’t handle questions from a pair of female reporters.

CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang challenged Trump by asking him why he is treating the pandemic like a competition to be won as Americans continue to die.

Trump responded by directing Jiang, who is Chinese-American, to ask China. His response drew another challenge from Jiang because he appeared to be making a racist remark by telling her specifically to talk to China.

Trump then reverted to his usual charge that a female reporter asked him a “nasty” question.

So, Trump was throwing a fit and then CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tried to ask a question, only to abruptly end the press conference and cowardly storm out in a huff even though he had called on her.

This is not presidential behavior. Many say it is like a coward or the behavior of a petty toddler who can’t defend his reckless and incompetent response to a crisis that is only getting worse. Trump is also failing to fool Americans into thinking things are getting better. Over 81,000 Americans have died and the economy is not going to magically get all better as he has insisted. And his propaganda effort is only being foiled by reporters like Jiang and Collins who refuse to let him off the hook for his failure.

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