President Donald Trump dared to argue that his response to the coronavirus is better than former President Barack Obama’s response to the H1N1 virus back in 2009, only to get ripped to shreds on Twitter.

More than 80,000 Americans are dead because of the coronavirus and the economy is in shambles as tens of millions are out of work and the unemployment rate has hit over 14 percent. And it’s all set to become much worse as the country re-opens earlier than health experts recommend, which will likely trigger a second wave of the virus and further economic damage.

But Trump somehow still thinks his response to the pandemic is better than how Obama handled the H1N1 flu.

First of all, Trump is not getting “great marks” for his response. His recklessness and incompetence are why 80,000 Americans are dead and why the economy came to a halt according to many. Had he acted back in February after being warned multiple times about the virus, the United States would have been better off. But he played golf, held rallies, and downplayed the virus as a media-driven “hoax” instead of taking it seriously.

And he’s been f*cking up ever since, including his push to re-open early.

Trump’s “ban” also wasn’t a complete ban.

As for Obama’s handling of H1N1, only about 12,500 Americans died during that epidemic and the economy didn’t crash, something a doctor pointed out in response.

Other Twitter users also chimed in.

Every time Trump tries to compare the current crisis to H1N1, we are reminded that we once had a leader who actually did their job and cared about American lives.

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