Actor and comedian Jim Carrey posted his latest painting on Twitter Monday after the United States coronavirus death toll reached 80,000, and President Donald Trump is not going to like it.

More than 81,000 Americans have died from the virus and over 1.3 million have been infected all as Trump declares victory over the pandemic and pushes states to re-open against the recommendations of health experts.

Re-opening early risks a deadlier second wave of the virus. So just like every one of Trump’s decisions before and during this pandemic, re-opening is yet another reckless and incompetent move that will kill more people.

The amount of death in this country is unacceptable, and that’s why Jim Carrey hates Trump with the passion of a thousand suns and why he painted Trump as being worse than the grim reaper.

Response to the painting has been overwhelmingly positive, with most Twitter users agreeing with Carrey’s assessment of Trump’s response to the pandemic. Of course, there were a few Trump supporters who threw the usual tantrums.

The recent painting matches up perfectly with Carrey’s previous painting of Trump drinking bleach in response to Trump’s suggestion that injecting disinfectants into the body could be a treatment for coronavirus.

Carrey also once compared Trump to the reckless mayor from the movie Jaws.

Yeah, Trump is definitely worse the grim reaper. Thousands of deaths could have been avoided had Trump taken the virus seriously in February instead of downplaying it as a “hoax”. Our nation should have been prepared and immediate action should have been taken, But Trump failed, and people are dead and dying. He’s responsible for these deaths and should be held accountable. And because of people like Carrey, we’ll never forget that Trump killed Americans who would have lived had he acted like a real leader.

Featured Image: Wikimedia