Eric Trump humiliated himself this week in a bizarre gloat on Twitter in which he mixed up common cliches, which sent social media users into fits of laughter as they endlessly mocked him and his stupidity.

Citing a quack right-wing former “journalist,” Eric Trump continued harping about the Steele dossier and the fact that the Clinton campaign picked up funding for it.

Only his attempt to use a cliche in response didn’t make any sense.

Of course, the Clinton campaign only picked up funding the dossier after a conservative publication had commissioned and funded the research first, a fact that Eric Trump conveniently ignores.

But the phrase the dumbest Trump kid was looking for is “the cookies are starting to crumble,” and Twitter users couldn’t resist mocking him for getting it so wrong.

This is what happens when rich spoiled brats pretend they are ordinary people.

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