White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany really stepped in it on Thursday when she appeared to demand that reporters and the American people celebrate President Donald Trump’s health as the death toll from coronavirus in the United States crossed 85,000.

McEnany made the remarks to reporters after being asked if Trump and Pence are prepared to transition the presidency to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) should both of them be incapacitated by the virus.

“That’s not even something that we’re addressing,” McEnany said. “We’re keeping the president healthy. We’re keeping the vice president healthy and you know they’re healthy at this moment and they’ll continue to be. The President’s healthy. The Vice President’s healthy and I think that’s something all reporters should be celebrating and the American people as well.”

The presidential line of succession and contingency plans for such a crisis should be taken seriously. After all, the coronavirus is deadly and highly contagious and both Trump and Pence are in one of the more vulnerable groups because of their age. And Pelosi is third in line if both of them were to go down.

But McEnany also did herself no favors by demanding a celebration of Trump’s health as Americans continue to suffer and die during a pandemic Trump has responded recklessly and incompetently to from the beginning.

She even claimed to have been misquoted, but her own transcript makes it clear she wasn’t.

Americans were disgusted by her demand to celebrate Trump’s health.

McEnany clearly should resign in disgrace already and get it over with.

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