CNN host Jake Tapper has had quite enough of the hatred, lies, and propaganda coming from President Donald Trump and his surrogates this week, and he’s calling the president out for his repeated attempts to smear his political opponents with falsehoods.

At the beginning of Sunday’s edition of “State of the Union,” Tapper slammed Trump while praising the tone taken by former President Barack Obama in his Saturday evening address to graduating students. Obama also took a slight swipe at the administration, remarking:

“You know all those adults that you used to think were in charge and knew what they were doing, it turns out they don’t have all of the answers, a lot of them aren’t even asking the right questions.”

That led Tapper to shred Trump and his minions by remarking:

“The criticism from Obama comes at a time when President Trump and his team are launching an unprecedented smear campaign against any rival, ranging from bizarre false conspiracy theories to spreading false allegations of pedophilia to even suggesting one TV anchor committed murder. These smear campaigns are unmoored from reality, they’re deranged and indecent and seem designed to distract from us this horrific health and economic crisis.”

Tapper is right. On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr;  made a horrific and utterly baseless attacks on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and the president has accused MSNBC host Joe Scarborough of murdering an intern who worked in his office while he was still a member of Congress.

Donald Trump cannot possibly run on his record, because it’s one of failure:

  • 90,000 Americans are dead as a result of Trump’s bumbling response to COVID-19
  • 36 million Americans are unemployed and this administration has no plan for how to get them back to work

Instead of running a positive, hopeful campaign, Donald Trump wants to get down in the mud and see how low he can go. It’s one of any number of reasons he must be defeated in November.

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