President Donald Trump got hit with a sharp Twitter retort when he tried to make fun of CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins, whom he referred to as a “faker” on Twitter.

The Hill reports that Trump went after Collins on Sunday evening:

“The back-and-forth came after a C-SPAN video feed showed Collins removing her protective mask as other reporters in the room kept theirs on while exiting the indoor briefing room.

“The video quickly went viral on social media, with Eric Trump also sharing it.”

Collins wasted no time responding to the president, reminding him that nearly 90,000 Americans are dead with him as president:

All of this comes after Collins asked Trump at a Friday press conference in the White House Rose Garden why some administration officials who were present didn’t wear protective masks. The president replied:

“We’ve all been tested and we are quite a distance away and we are outdoors, so I told them, I gave them the option, they could wear it or not. So you can blame it on me, but I gave them the option. We could wear it or not.”

Others on social media were also eager to remind Trump that he’s in no position to lecture anyone on not wearing a mask since he himself refused to wear one when he visited a factory that produces them:

Featured Image Via Twitter