House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ended up getting a rise out of President Donald Trump on Tuesday after all. It came in response to her calling him “morbidly obese.”

Trump had not responded to Pelosi’s epic burn for most of the day even though it was expected.

But rather than stay quiet about being called obese, Trump lashed out at Pelosi anyway by calling her “sick” and claiming that she “has mental problems.”

Again, Trump is projecting, but his response delighted Pelosi, who smiled as she mocked him and noted that he often attacks women for their weight.

“I didn’t know that he would be so sensitive, he’s always talking about other people’s weight, their pounds, so — I don’t want to spend any more time on his distraction because as you see in the last couple of days, so much of the time has been spent on what he said rather than that, I think he should recognize his words weigh a ton,” she said.

Pelosi then proclaimed that Trump should be focusing on saving lives instead of giving out bad medical advice such as injecting disinfectants into the body and taking hydroxychloroquine.

“He should be saying what your previous guest mentioned, things that will help people,” Pelosi continued. “Let’s not dwell on him, we have to dwell on is over 90,000 Americans have died, lost their lives to this villainous virus and a million and a half infected. We don’t really know the full total of it and that’s why HEROES Act says, ‘test, test, test, and trace and treat,’ so that we can lower the amount of people who are dying.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Once again, Pelosi beats Trump at his own game. If he can’t stand the heat, he should stay out of Washington.

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