First Lady Melania Trump is, for some reason, participating in a CNN global town hall concerning the coronavirus, and social media users said ‘thanks, but no thanks’ in their own special way.

The virus has killed over 93,000 Americans and infected 1.5 million, but President Donald Trump and his administration continue to not give a damn. Even Melania has been useless, only offering “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and their families while orchestrating stunts like sending meager amounts of supplies to hospitals and other essential workers.

We are in the middle of a pandemic and the second wave is well underway as red states re-open prematurely against the advice of health professionals.

Despite being totally unqualified to speak about this crisis, CNN is letting Melania participate via a pre-recorded message in a global coronavirus town hall. The announcement immediately turned many viewers off from watching.

Nobody seems to want to hear from Melania about the virus. She is not a leader of anything except pretending to care. The best thing CNN could have done for the United States and for the world would have been to reject her involvement.

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