Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt says President Donald Trump and his 2020 reelection campaign are in serious trouble, and every sign is that Trump and those around him are only interested in bilking the country out of as much money as possible as November draws closer.

During an appearance on MSNBC Thursday evening, Schmidt, whose group, The Lincoln Project, has put out a new campaign ad highlighting the exorbitant amount of money being paid to Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, was asked by host Joy Reid:

“You guys are great at trolling, but I wonder how this ends up polls. People like celebrities, right? Him being around Beyonce, that’s great for him, right? Will this kind of portrayal of Trump’s people as feeders raking in money, will that move voters away from him?”

Schmidt responded:

“I don’t know that it will move voters specifically to that ad, Joy, but the ad is true. Stuart Stevens made the point, when you look at Trump, it’s like Elvis in the final days, trying to get as much money out of the deal as possible, giving him as many sandwiches as they can get into him. That’s what this is. It’s all a giant scam.”

Trump loves to say what a shrewd businessman he is, Schmidt continued, but Parscale is taking him to the cleaners and getting almost no results, as the president is behind Joe Biden by as much as 11 points in some polls:

“Donald Trump, the great businessman, got taken by his IT guy, right? We have the IT guy in charge of the campaign buying Ferraris, condos, yachts. A lot of people are getting rich by doing wrong to the American people. We have Fox hosts make millions a year, telling people to go out, stop social distancing, open up your businesses while they’re ensconced on their estates. You know, it’s just outrageous hypocrisy, and one more piece in the mosaic of hypocrisy, the mosaic of the great con that the country has been subjected to by a reality show pretend businessman, who has done tremendous damage through his incompetence and ineptitude.”

It’s only May, and there’s plenty of time until the election, but at this point it certainly looks like the Trump campaign is imploding. Maybe Trump’s own incompetence has finally caught up with him and will result in his political downfall.

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