President Donald Trump unsurprisingly lashed out against vote-by-mail in a tweet insisting that it is rife with voter fraud. Surprisingly, however, Fox News fact-checked him.

Trump has been complaining about vote-by-mail for weeks ever since Democrats started pushing the idea of letting every American vote by mail so as to avoid the risk of contracting the coronavirus at the polls. Trump especially whined about Michigan sending out absentee ballot applications to 7.7 million voters in the same effort.

On Sunday, during a break from golfing while Americans are dying, Trump once again attacked vote-by-mail.

The problem is his claims are all lies. After all, the red state of Utah votes by mail and voter fraud is incredibly rare there. The same goes for other states such as Washington and Oregon as well.

In fact, Trump has really only been attacking swing states led by Democratic governors for trying to expand vote-by-mail even though red states are trying to do the same.

In a fine display of real journalism for once, even Fox News fact-checked Trump’s claim.

“The press says there’s not evidence of significant fraud in voting by mail,” Fox News host Howard Kurtz reported. “And it may not be true that it helps Democrats over Republicans.”

Kurtz then brought Republican polling expert Kristen Soltis Anderson onto the show, and she also pointed out that Trump’s fraud claims don’t fly.

“There’s actually evidence that it doesn’t help one party or the other more,” she said, going on to note that Republicans are actually more guilty of such fraud.

“It happens but it’s very infrequent and it’s not something confined to Democrats,” Anderson said. “The most prominent case was a Republican doing it. So I think Republicans should not push back on this in the way that they are.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Trump just got busted for lying by his own propaganda network. Looks like he shouldn’t have attacked them like he did earlier this week.

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