Let’s just make one thing clear. Former President Barack Obama may have played golf at times, but he never would have played golf during a pandemic as the death toll approaches 100,000. It’s President Donald Trump who did that over the weekend.

Yet, Trump had the gall to complain about Obama playing golf anyway in response to an ad released by the Biden campaign.

Trump played golf on both Saturday and Sunday in the middle of a pandemic that is not coming to an end any time soon. It should also be pointed out that Trump has played more golf than Obama ever did and at a higher cost to taxpayers that Trump gets to pocket himself since he’s playing on his own golf courses.

Americans were not amused by Trump’s attack on Obama.

Obama is no longer in office, though most Americans probably wish he was right now. Trump could have handled this crisis better from the beginning, but he chose to be reckless and incompetent instead. Now he’s playing golf while dead Americans are being buried in mass graves. He can say what he wants about Obama, but Obama never did that.

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