President Donald Trump attacked former Vice President Joe Biden over the H1N1 epidemic in 2009 even though the coronavirus death toll on his watch is nearly ten times higher and Biden was not president at the time.

Back in 2009, the H1N1 virus killed 12,000 Americans. But it would have killed more had former President Barack Obama not declared a national emergency as quickly as he did and put in place a pandemic response process that had continued to be in existence until Trump dismantled it last year.

Under Trump’s watch, the coronavirus death toll has topped 100,000 and will likely reach 120,000 fairly quickly, which means the death toll from coronavirus will be ten times the number of deaths from H1N1.

And that’s all because Trump responded recklessly and incompetently to the virus despite being warned repeatedly about it.

But Trump still wants everyone to believe that H1N1 was worse and he even blamed Biden for it.

Biden was not president in 2009, and the Obama team saved thousands of lives by responding appropriately to the virus. It should also be pointed out that the economy did not implode under Obama, nor did people panic.

The same cannot be said about coronavirus under Trump.

The two pandemics are not even close to being comparable, nor are the responses to them from the White House.

Twitter users destroyed Trump’s tweet.

Trump should shut his mouth about H1N1. He’s just embarrassing himself while reminding Americans that our country once had responsible adults in the White House.

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