Couy Griffin is an anti-lockdown activist and head of a group called “Cowboys for Trump,” and he thinks any Democratic governor who refuses to comply with President Donald Trump’s urging that all states reopen despite the coronavirus should be killed for committing treason.

Speaking with Will Sommer of The Daily Beast, Griffin was asked about remarks he made on May 17 at a church in New Mexico when he proclaimed:

“I’ve come to a place where I’ve come to a conclusion where the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

Now, however, Griffin says he meant Democrats were dead “in a political sense,” telling Sommer:

“I could’ve chosen a different verbiage, you know. I guess I need to be more careful when I choose the words that I speak. But you know, it’s just so hypocritical of the left how they’re blowing this up, like I’m some hate-speech murderer.”

Yet in the very next breath, Griffin said that he thinks governors such as Virginia’s Ralph Northam and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer — both Democrats — may well be guilty of treason and should be punished as a result:

“You get to pick your poison: you either go before a firing squad, or you get the end of the rope.”

Griffin was asked if he and other anti-lockdown protesters will resort to violence to achieve their goals. He replied:

“I’ll tell you what, partner, as far as I’m concerned, there’s not an option that’s not on the table.”

Those opposed to the state lockdowns have grown increasingly threatening in recent days. For example, take what happened over the weekend in Kentucky:

“Anti-lockdown protesters in Frankfort, Kentucky, hung an effigy of Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear from a tree outside the state capitol. The effigy bore Beshear’s face and a message: ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis.’ The slogan, which means ‘thus always to tyrants,’ is associated with the assassination of Julius Caesar and has become popular with anti-government groups.”

And Adam Smith, an anti-lockdown protester in North Carolina, posted a video on Facebook in which he said he and others are “willing” to kill people to achieve their goals:

“But are we willing to kill people? Are we willing to lay down our lives? We have to say, ‘Yes.’ We have to say, ‘Yes.’ Is that violence? Is that terrorism? No, it’s not terrorism. I’m not trying to strike fear in people by saying, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ I’m gonna say, ‘If you bring guns, I’m gonna bring guns. If you’re armed with this, we’re going to be armed with this.’”

Clearly, these people are domestic terrorists and should be treated as such. They need to be arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to long prison terms. They have a right to disagree, but they don’t have a right to use violence to make their point.

Featured Image Via NBC News