President Donald Trump intends to sign an executive order on Thursday that could move the country toward fascist rule in retaliation against social media after Twitter fact-checked his lies about vote-by-mail this week.

Earlier this week, Trump demonized vote-by-mail out of sheer terror that he will lose in November if implemented in several swing states in which he is currently losing against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Well, Twitter flagged the tweets for misinforming the public since fraud in vote-by-mail is extremely rare. Several states, including the red state of Utah, have voted by mail for years with no problem. Even the military votes by mail.

Of course, Trump responded by going ballistic and accusing the social media giant of trying to censor him.

It should be pointed out that Twitter did no such thing. The tweet was not taken down and none of it was re-written. Twitter merely slapped a link on it informing users that what Trump is telling them is false.

But on Wednesday morning, Trump escalated his feud with social media by threatening to regulate or shut it down in complete violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution. He also repeated his lies about vote-by-mail.

Again, Trump is terrified of losing. Voting by mail is not rife with fraud like Trump is frantically claiming. All types of voter fraud in the United States are rare according to election experts. And voters must submit information and documentation to the state when applying for an absentee ballot. Furthermore, an elections expert recently noted on Fox News that absentee ballots benefit Republicans.

While on Air Force One, Trump apparently confirmed that he will be signing some kind of executive order regarding social media without divulging the details. Knowing Trump’s tyrannical inclinations, it seems that he is preparing to sign a monstrous restriction of social media ahead of the 2020 Election that would allow himself and his conservative supporters to say anything they want without consequences or fact-checking while forcing censorship of facts Trump doesn’t like.

He even appeared to gloat about the impending order on Wednesday night.

Social media companies are private entities that have the right to fact-check information shared on their platforms and punish those who violate community standards. For instance, some conservatives have had their accounts suspended for posting threats and racism. Some have pushed Russian propaganda and outright lies. The First Amendment protects social media companies from the government, not the other way around. So, if Trump moves to muzzle social media, the lawsuits should be quickly filed against him and the American people should realize that their freedom and liberties are under attack by a wannabe dictator in the White House who throws a hissy fit because he’s not allowed to lie and smear with impunity. And they should move to stop him at all costs.

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