President Donald Trump was up bright and early Thursday morning, tweeting and retweeting all sorts of bizarre conspiracy theories and videos that suggest “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” and doubling down on his “Obamagate” accusation, which he has still failed to provide any evidence to support.

And then there was the latest round of debate over wearing a protective mask to help control the spread of the novel coronaravirus, according to Mediaite:

“The article was from Trump-devoted site The Federalist, which Trump shared as a quote retweet from pro-Trump author Lee Smith. Smith reacted to the article, written by attorney and director of the Phyllis Schlafly Virginia Constitution Center Molly McCann, as saying that ‘masks aren’t about public health but social control. Image of Biden in black mask endorses culture of silence, slavery, and social death.'”

So now if you wear a mask to protect others you’re endorsing a “culture of silence, slavery, and social death”? Does that mean that if a doctor or nurse wears one at work it means they secretly want to enslave and silence people? That’s beyond absurd!

In the Federalist article, McCann goes on to assert that masks aren’t being used for public health, but were instead created as a “critical predicate conditioning” for Americans to accept “rule by executive fiat.”

Fortunately, other Twitter users set Trump and Smith straight on the matter:

Considering that Donald Trump doesn’t want us to wear masks sounds like reason enough to wear two of them, doesn’t it?

Featured Image Via NBC News