President Donald Trump declared his intention to declare Antifa a “terrorist organization” on Sunday in a move that will delight his neo-Nazi supporters across the country.

After all, Antifa is literally a group of anti-fascists who oppose Nazis. But Trump can’t have that now, can he?

Despite reports that right-wing extremists are entering states to commit violence and looting in an effort to make black protesters look bad, Trump is blaming Antifa for it instead.

Trump then targeted journalists even as police are wrongfully arresting them and committing violence against them at protests.

Again, Antifa is NOT a terrorist organization. They oppose real terrorists, the same ones Trump called “very fine people” amid the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally back in 2017 after a neo-Nazis killed a protester with a car.

And journalists are not the enemy. They are merely covering the protests and do not deserve to be harassed and assaulted by Trump’s jack-booted thugs. But Trump’s continued anti-press rhetoric is only making things worse while his desperate effort to smear Antifa makes it all the more clear that he’s a fascist. He’s also a hypocrite because the KKK has not even been declared a terrorist organization and his administration has been very reluctant to name any white supremacist group a terrorist organization, much less actually do anything to stop them.

This kind of scapegoating is how Hitler came to power in Nazi Germany, and we all know what happened next. So, Americans should be concerned about Trump’s tweets and protest on behalf of Antifa. Because most Americans should be, by definition, anti-fascists. And that means Trump is basically declaring anyone who opposes fascism a terrorist.

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