According to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the reason President Donald Trump has yet to give an Oval Office address on the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers and the ensuing protests of his murder can be blamed on Antifa.

McEnany was a guest on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning, and co-host Steve Doocy asked her:

“This is the time that we look to our leader. We want this to stop. How does the president fix this?”

Just like her boss always does, McEnany failed to respond to Doocy’s query and immediately shifted to finger pointing and blaming others:

“This president has been very clear that we need law and order in this country. He’s taken extraordinary action, talking about activating the National Guard as we saw happen in Minnesota, criminalizing interstate travel that is geared towards inciting violence, making sure that those individuals are prosecuted, labeling Antifa as a domestic terrorist entity.”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt then tried to get a substantive reply from the press secretary, noting:

“Many are asking the president to give an Oval Office address on these riots because our country is just experiencing so much chaos right now,”

But McEnany was in full spin mode, and she doubled down on her talking points:

“The president has addressed this repeatedly. The first day he saw this video he addressed the horrific death of George Floyd. He’s addressed the issue of law and order in our streets.

“But here’s the thing, Ainsley, a national Oval Office address is not going to stop Antifa. What’s going to stop Antifa is action. And this president is committed to acting on this.”

However, Trump’s attempts to designate Antifa as a terror organization are likely unconstitutional and would have no impact whatsoever, according to Peter Bray of Rutgers University, who writes in The Washington Post:

“Trump’s declaration seems impossible to enforce — and not only because there is no mechanism for the president to designate domestic groups as terrorist organizations. Though antifa groups exist, antifa itself is not an organization.”

Trump is scared and realizes his own impotency when it comes to the protests, so he’s using symbolic declarations that have no force or legality behind them.

A president who refuses to confront that face this nation head on is nothing more than a figurehead. That alone is reason to replace Donald Trump at the ballot box on November 3.

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